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Dopeliven News and Sports

Giving you the latest on what's happening around town, in your neighborhood and around the world. In depth analysis of the good, the bad, and the ugly of news and sports.

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Dopeliven News and Sports
  • SportsWhitt with Levon Whittaker

    We are proud to welcome Levon Whittaker and his sports talk show SportsWhitt to the DopeLiven TV lineup. Levon founded SportsWhitt in 2017 and his show offers a balanced analysis of all sports with up to the minute analysis and inciteful commentary. Levon will broadcast his show on DopeLiven ...

  • SportsWhitt

    Thomas Butler-Guerrero joins Levon on SportsWhitt to talk about what’s making headlines in the world of basketball for the upcoming season.

  • SportsWhitt 2

  • SportsWhitt 3